Thursday, October 2, 2014

DIY fall-inspired cork board! ♡

Hello October!
It's the beginning of one of the best months. Filled with beautiful colors, smells, and festivities, October is a super fun and inspiring time of year. I figured what better way to kick off this month (and my new blog) than with a fun and simple DIY post that will add a splash of autumn to your bedroom or office space. So read below to learn how to create this cute piece!

What you'll need:
- A cork board (can be any size or shape! I got this square sheet in a multipack from Office Depot)
- A paint brush
- Roll of Scotch blue tape
- Acrylic paint

To get started, arrange the blue tape on the cork board in any pattern you like. I chose this chevron pattern. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect! I eyeballed this and did it the way I thought looked best.

Once you've got your tape where you want it, its time to start painting! Since this piece is fall-inspired I chose red, orange and yellow to paint with.

Continue with your colors as you like, I'm going for an ombre/rainbow effect.

Tip: As you're painting, make sure you tape is pressed firmly onto the cork board for a clean edge!

And you're almost done! Put on any finishing touches of paint before removing the blue tape.

Tip: If you want a more opaque color, dab the paint on parts where some of the original cork board peeks through.

The final step is to peel off your blue tape! Its best to take the blue tape off after the paint is dry, so be sure to let it sit for about an hour.

And voilĂ ! There you have your fall festive, spruced up cork board!

I think this DIY is a fun, simple, and festive way to get the fall season started. It adds a nice pop of autumn color to any space, and also serves as a functional piece! A cork board can help you stay organized and inspired! Put up your to-dos lists, inspiring quotes, fun pictures, and reminders for yourself. You can hang it up, or have it lean against your wall on a desk. This DIY is super versatile and allows for tons of creativity!

I hope you guys enjoyed this first post and draw some inspiration from it! If anyone decides to try it out, I'd love to see some pictures & would showcase them here on my blog!
Thanks so much for reading & have a lovely day :)


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