Monday, October 20, 2014

Goals Update: Morning Yoga☀

Hello loves! I've completed a new goal, and that is doing morning yoga! I'm trying to keep up with my goals since the month is just going by so quickly! So that's why I've been posting on such a random schedule. I'll figure this out more as I go and I'm sure I'll have a more regulated schedule once I get some more experience blogging :) 
So let's get started with this yoga post! 
I've loved yoga for a while now. I probably started doing yoga for the first time in 2010. I used to attend a yoga class 2 times a week, but unfortunately stopped that. Since, I haven't kept a regular routine which is something I'd really like to change. So that's why I made this a goal for October! Below is my experience with morning yoga, health benefits, and my plan to start a regular schedule :)

My early morning yoga experience:
So, I am not the early morning riser type. I often (more like everyday..) find myself hitting the snooze button to get as much sleep as I possibly can in the morning. I already have enough to do to get ready for the day, so I couldn't imagine fitting a yoga sesh in as well! But I found the time to do it, and I loved it!
Getting up for yoga was super rejuvenating. Stretching out first thing in the morning really woke me up, and made me feel better through out the day. Now, I'm no expert at yoga so I just looked up some basic yoga routines and then came up with my own. I do want to improve so once I get more flexible I'll definitely look into more difficult routines to try. Overall I loved starting my day out with a yoga session. I felt better and more awake through out the whole day compared to days that I don't do yoga. 

Benefits of yoga: 
Yoga is great for increasing flexibility & strength. Stretching your muscles out is a perfect way to start the morning. After laying in bed all night, our muscles tend to get stiff, so getting up and stretching them out allows for more flexibility and helps us feel less tired (something I think anyone would want!). Stretching increases blood circulation in our bodies, which then increases our energy levels. 
I think a lot of people would be surprised at how strong you can get from yoga! Over time building your endurance with different poses can really tone and strengthen your muscles. For example, planking is common in yoga and is a pose that really builds your upper body strength as well as your core abdominal strength. 
After all this stretching and strength building, your posture also improves! Most yoga poses improve core strength which means your more likely to sit straight and stand tall. This is a big benefit for me. My posture is something I really need to improve, and its something that I find difficult to do. So having it be a benefit from doing yoga is a major plus! 
Yoga also helps a great deal with relieving stress. Yoga calms the mind, improves your breathing, and helps you relax and de-stress. By relieving stress, you are also decreasing your risk of illnesses like heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. So that's a win-win... win situation. 

Starting a regular yoga schedule
Doing yoga made me realize how much I really enjoy it! It is a fun way to work out, and it provides many benefits. I don't exercise like I should, so I think yoga is a good place to start. It's not too demanding, and I think it is a great way to start stretching and toning your muscles, so you can work up to more intense work outs. I plan to start making yoga part of my everyday routine. Even if its just for 10 minutes, I'm going to try to incorporate it into my everyday life. I would also love to start a yoga class again so that I can learn more about yoga, and improve at it. 

Fitness is really important, and is something we can all do to improve our health. It doesn't matter where you start in fitness and exercise, just as long as you do start somewhere. If you're like me, and are not a huge fan of intensive work outs, I think yoga would be a perfect place to start! 

Well that does it for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and were able to take away something from this! If any of you have any tips for me or thoughts about this post, leave a comment below! I'd love to hear your opinions!!
Thank you so much for reading!


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