Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Liebster Award

So I was nominated by Leanne, The Dress Diaries, for the Liebster Award! Huge thank you to her, I think this is a great way to find new blogs and it really brings the blogging community together, & I'm so glad to be apart of it! 


> Answer the questions that are sent to you
> Nominate 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers on twitter
> Ask them 12 questions of your own
> Notify them that they've been nominated

Here are Leanne's questions for me:

1.What's your all time favourite book?
I can't say that I have an all time favorite! But, one of my favorites would be On The Road by Jack Kerouac. That book just gives me a lot of inspiration. One of my favorite quotes is from that book- 

2. Do you live for the weekend?
I wish I did but I work most weekends, so sadly, no. 

3. What's your favourite hair accessory or product?
I have long messy hair, & the Macadamia Healing Oil Spray is a life savor. 

4. What is your favourite meal of the day?
I love breakfast!

5. Describe your perfect night in.
My perfect night in would be ordering in food, watching a funny movie, and snuggling with my boyfriend :)

6. Would you rather wear one colour for the rest of your life or have to wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit?
This is actually really tough! But, I would rather wear one color for the rest of my life... hopefully I could choose the color? Haha

7. What's your favourite hairstyle?
I love good messy curls. 

8. Do you use Pinterest?
Of course! Check it out here ;)

9. Are you looking forward to Christmas? Why?
YES! I love Christmas so much. The colors, and the lights, and the happy people. I love shopping for gifts. It's just a genuinely happy time. 

10. Will you be making any New Year's Resolutions?
I plan to! Haven't thought too much about what they will be. I think I'll have to wait and see where I am in 2 months to see how I want to improve.

11. What's your favourite color?

I'm obsessed with mint, you should really see my room. The color is everywhere... literally. 

12. Do you have any secrets?
No such thing as a girl without secrets ;) 

Here are my questions:
1. When did you start your blog? What inspired you to start it?
2. What is your social media of choice?
3. If you had to choose only 5 makeup products to use for a year, what would they be?
4. What's your favorite holiday? 
5. Best makeup tip you know?
6. You have an entire day free to yourself, what do you do?
7. Who is your fashion idol?
8. Favorite nail polish brand?
9. Describe your style in 3 words.
10. What is the last song you listened to?
11. Who are your top 3 favorite blogs?
12. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I nominate...
... and anyone else who would like to be apart of this!

I had a lot of fun doing this post! Again, a nice thank you to Leanne for nominating me! Go check out her post about the Liebster Award here
So that's it for me! I can't wait to read the answers from the ladies I've nominated! 
Thanks for reading!! 


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