Sunday, November 9, 2014

Update: What I've been up to

Hey guys! Ahh long time no post! I want to apologize for unexpectedly going MIA this past week. I got pretty busy all of a sudden and hadn't much time to write up a good post or take any photos for my blog! So, realizing that I need to get on a better schedule with posting and such, I'm going to sit myself down and come up with a good blog schedule!
Now for the updates! I last left off right before Halloween, so I'll fill you guys in on what I've been up to since.
I had a blast on Halloween! My boyfriend, Josh, and I dressed up as bank robbers which was so fun! We had a good time putting the costumes together. Check out the picture below:

With Halloween and October ending, I had to take down all of my Halloween decorations which was a little sad because I loved having them up! But November is here and I have new fall decorations up for the month! So check out my next post which is going up right after this one to check them out!! 

Thats gonna be it for this one guys! 
Thanks for reading!


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