Thursday, October 9, 2014

Monthly Goals: October

Hey everyone!
Since the month is still fairly new, I thought I would start a post on my monthly goals. Each month I'll post a list of about 10 goals that I hope to complete that month. The goals can be anything! Sometimes they may repeat in other months, but mostly they will be focused around the season. I'll write a post every time I complete a goal until I have finished the list :)

I think this is a great way to be productive, and get things done that you've been telling yourself you'll do. By writing down your goals you're more likely to be motivated to accomplish them. I feel like a month is a great time frame to give yourself to complete set of goals. It is a realistic amount of time, so that you're more likely to finish all of the goals! Its always a rewarding feeling to be able to cross off everything on your list. 

So, here are my 10 goals for this month:

- Read a book (I'll be repeating this one every month)
- Bake more
- Make at least one piece of art
- Get up early for morning yoga
- Take more walks while the weather is still nice
- Find new music
- Decorate for the season
- Post more on my blog
- Do more nature photography 
- Stay on a good budget

While these goals are specific to me, I hope that you guys find inspiration from this post to make your own monthly goals list! 
I'm so excited to start accomplishing these goals & writing about it!